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Getting LASIK surgery before attempting to join the military will not keep you out, but there are limits placed on the roles that someone with LASIK surgery may be assigned. For instance, having LASIK surgery is technically a disqualifier for the Navy and Marine Corps, but applicants can obtain a. While LASIK safety in the military was being demonstrated, researchers also looked at efficacy. Much has been reported about the benefits of wavefront-guided LASIK over conventional modalities. But a study on wavefront-guided LASIK using mechanical microkeratomes versus the femtosecond laser helped make LASIK a waiverable procedure for U.S. military personnel, Dr. Stanley reported. For most people, having LASIK is about seeing well without needing to rely on glasses and contacts. What you may not know is that the U.S. military trusts LASIK and other laser vision correction procedures in order for service members to have the vision required for operational success and safety.

Have you ever worried about the safety of LASIK? According to reports, the U.S. Military has deemed it safe and effective based on high success rates among troops. In fact, they now recommend the use of laser eye surgery to reduce the reliance on corrective eyewear for members of the military—including fighter pilots. As of 2008, more than 224,000 military personnel had laser vision correction. Over the last twenty years the United States military has done substantial research on LASIK to try to combat this and other vision problems. The real-time patient outcomes and success stories have exceeded expectations so greatly that LASIK is no longer considered a cosmetic procedure by the military. LASIK and PRK are being widely adopted by United States military service members to help them refine their edge in combat situations. The Army and Air Force operate a Department of Defense Center of Excellence for Refractive Surgery, such as LASIK and PRK, known as Wilford Hall Medical Joint Refractive Surgery Center at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Question: I am interested in having LASIK but I am joining the military. Do you know if LASIK is allowed if I was to be joining the military? Answer: The types if environments and tasks military personnel are exposed to can make the wearing of eyeglasses and contact lenses somewhat of a challenge.LASIK can be a good alternative for military personnel exposed to dusty or muddy environments as. How the Military Will Be Revolutionized By Laser Weaponry Silent, searing hot, and moving at the speed of light, today's military lasers will change how tomorrow's wars are fought. By Kyle Mizokami.

Laser surgery prior to a member entering active duty is a DQ and would require a waiver process. Once you are in the military, LASIK and PRK can be done through the military's medical system. At least one form does not require a medical review board, but others do. That will depend on. 31/07/2011 · I heard you can get Lasik in the military for free,. and you would have to call them and see if lasik is included in your coverage that you pay for. You choose your own insurance plan when you sign up, so random people on the internet can't give you very much guidance. 06/04/2018 · LasikPlus recognizes the value and importance of LASIK for military personnel and veterans. In appreciation of their dedication to the community, we offer a.

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