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06/08/2019 · I believe that the EZ Pass works on the Central Florida Expressway but not on all the Florida toll roads. EZ Pass works for us all the way from Wisconsin to the east coast. I don't travel to Florida so no need for a Sunpass, but I do have a Texas toll tag for use down there. Apparently Oklahoma has their own system which doesn't accept EZ Pass. Todos los teléfonos de SunPass los encuentra aquí, incluido el número de SunPass Miami. Los teléfonos de servicio al cliente de SunPass en Español se dividen en diferentes departamentos de atención al cliente. Ya sea que quiera realiza consultas por el servicio o reclamos aquí encontrará todos los medios de contacto oficiales y en español. Drivers on Florida toll roads have the option of using either E-PASS or SunPass transponders -- but which one is better? For drivers, the transponders are largely indistinguishable when it comes. 16/01/2017 · EZ Pass, Sun Pass. EZ Pass, Sun Pass. Submitted by dhorvitz on January 16,. and I've used windshield-mounted transponders for both SunPass and EZPASS there. I have the refreshed model s delivery dec 16th - and I put the EZ Tag directly right of. Answer 1 of 4: Good afternoon! Does anyone know if the EZ pass can be used in place of the sun pass? The information I can find online is conflicting. I am renting with budget rental and would like to use EZ pass instead of paying daily fee.

14/08/2014 · Tracking toll thieves is a challenge. Qué hacer al recibir una cuenta alta del SunPass • Abogado Albert Quirantes - Duration: 2:51. Albert Quirantes, Esq. Criminal DUI & Ticket Lawyers. No, they are different systems made by different company's. there should be no problem having both on your windshield. The data coming from the EZ Pass will be unreadable by the Sun Pass system and vice versa. Wikipedia has articles on both systems. SunPass and E-PASS are linked in that both work on Florida Department of Transportation toll roads, such as Florida’s Turnpike, and on Central Florida Expressway Authority roads. E-ZPass vs SunPass vs FasTrak: Which Toll Transponder System is Best? Published Mar. 17, 2016 by Andrew Marder in Logistics Technology. Share This Article. It looks like the North Carolina version is compatible with EZ pass but also with Florida SunPass and the Georgia Peach Pass.

SunPass, E-Z Pass compatible toll deal is way. Josh Kalin drives between Delray Beach and Delaware a couple times a year to visit his son and he has to have a SunPass and an E-ZPass account to. SunPass vs EZ-PASS/E-PASS. I’ve done quite a bit of research on the difference between these two passes and haven’t been able to find a straightforward answer. I’ll be moving to Tampa - what is the difference between these toll road passes? Is there one that is more advantageous than the other? 08/03/2018 · Where to stick Florida Sunpass Mini on car windshield quartytypo. Loading. How to set up your SunPass sticker - Mini E-pass - Duration: 1:25. GabrieleHiott 3,954 views. 1:25.

I have sunpass, but part of the reason was that they used to sell the mini passes windshield stickers for $4.99, but you got a credit for that amount when you registered it. E-pass is run by oocea, which seems a little more corrupt and self serving, but it may just be that it is local, so it gets more press. SunPass works outside of Florida — SunPass transponders are interoperable with Georgia’s Peach Pass and North Carolina’s NC Quick Pass, with more states coming soon. This means SunPass, Peach Pass, and NC Quick Pass can be used on toll roads in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina.

02/04/2015 · This bracket is used to mount Sunpass to your motorcycle, trike or scooter. Available at:. Motorcycle EZ Pass Holder - Duration: 1:06. dbz6825 19,002 views. 1:06. Where to Buy SunPass By Emily Zemler; Updated August 11, 2017. A guide to purchasing and using Florida's automatic toll program. It can be a hassle to stop at toll plazas and always remember correct change. Travelers looking for a more convenient option should consider SunPass, available throughout the state of Florida and along the Florida.

PENSACOLA BEACH ANNUAL PASS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS The two tolling lanes to the right of the Bob Sikes Bridge Toll Plaza are designated SunPass / Pensacola Beach Annual Pass Only lanes. There will be no need to stop; those with the Annual Pass. 07/05/2019 · I'm a new south Florida resident and am looking to get one of the toll passes. I've been researching them, and noticed that E-Pass has come out with E-Pass Xtra, which is compatible with other systems in 18 states like EZ-Pass and will ALSO work where SunPass is accepted.

13/12/2016 · How to INSTALL Unpeel Transponder Vehicle Car Windshield STICKER Sunpass Mini E-Pass E-ZPass TollTag. SunPass K-Tag Pikepass TxTag EZ Tag TollTag GeauxPass Peach Pass Cruise Card Good to. Yes. They use the same technology. No, only E-PASS offers discounts. E-PASS and SunPass work on all toll roads in FL, GA, and NC. Wherever you see the E-PASS sign, SunPass works. And, wherever you see the SunPASS, sign E-PASS works. They have the.

27/04/2019 · I picked up a Sunpass to use when I have a rental car down in Florida. I did notice that on 417, it says E pass. Does E Pass accept the Sunpass for payment? Or do I have to also now have an E Pass? This is all starting to sound ridiculous. Thanks for the help. Chris. Everywhere Sunpass is accepted, E-Pass is also accepted. They are exactly the same. E-Pass does offer discounts on toll roads they operate for example, 417 in Orlando area. In the end, E-Pass offers better discounts and they offer free transpond.

13/10/2017 · I have my EZ-pass transponder attached to my front license plate using one-way screws to discourage unauthorized removal. Now I have the need for a Sunpass. According to the Sunpass website, the Model S is listed as needing a license plate mounted transponder. For those of you with both transponders, what is your solution? EZ Stealth - Stealth Black SUNPASS Gen II Transponder Holder, Orlando Florida Sun Pass case, Florida Turnpike toll Enclosure, EZPass Case, Fastlane Holder, i-Zoom/i-Pass Electronic Toll Tag Case. 01/08/2018 · Drivers using EZ-pass will have to carefully watch the signs approaching the tolls. If they say E-Pass, you're good to go; if they say Sunpass, you're EZ-pass won't work until the Turnpike joins up with EZ-pass. As before, E-Pass CFX transponders will work at Sunpass toll points, and Sunpass transponders will work at E-Pass toll points. E-Pass Metro Orlando and Central Florida Expressways. The Central Florida Expressway Authority issues what is called an E-Pass transponder. E-Pass may already be used on all Florida toll roads, so drivers with an E-Pass may use the Sun Pass lanes outside of the Orlando Metropolitan area. E-Pass Xtra is compatibile with E-ZPass roads.

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